“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than her belief that she is beautiful.”-Sofia Loren


Beauty As a Concept

Beauty is not limited to just physical characteristics. It’s a combination of everything that makes a person attractive; their personality as much as the way they communicate who they are to others.

It is defined by projecting a sense of harmony with your body and mind that a photograph can capture.

In a person, beauty is best expressed as harmony between emotions, facial expression, and the self. Projection is the name of the game. And photography is all about projection.

The cultural and social interpretations of beauty throughout the centuries are multiple to say the least. While scientists believe that human beauty is based on facial and bodily symmetry, others say big eyes, glowing skin, and shiny hair play a large role in the level of attractiveness based on evolutionary evidence. We all want to know what makes a beautiful face or body and yet no one can define it exactly with a formula.

Taking photographs of a beautiful person elicits creativity and excitement about being human. But very beautiful people that can elicit this kind of emotional response are rare.

Beauty must inspire joy by reflecting kindness, selflessness, intelligence, and confidence. Therefore, our facial expressions form our beauty.

This can be expressed in a variety of different forms and is connected to the notions of grace and human vitality. A person can have flaws by conventional standards—too large a feature here or a blemish there—and still possess strong personal beauty because of the way she carries herself, because of who she is as a person.

Feeling of knowing who you are; the confidence to know that you are a beautiful human being. Photo-Image is the answer to recognizing, thus becoming, the most beautiful you.”

How Do I Know How I Look?

Most people are confused and not sure how to answer this important question regarding the self and the social interaction of what others think about them.


70% of people look to the mirror to determine what they look like. it seems logical to determine how you look based on the reflection in the mirror. However, what you see in the mirror is not an exact replica of what stands before it.


15% of people know what they look like based on what others say about their appearance. The image of the self, and the image others have of us, is part of how we develop our overall self-image. However, remember that opinions are subjective.



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10% of people think that they can get an accurate image of themselves from a photograph. However, they often do not know how to discern whether the photo matches the mental image they have of themselves.


5% of people consider that they know how they look like basing their opinions on a video where they appear, but sometimes a negative image from the past may cause a feeling of incompleteness, creating real problems of poor self-image.