You Are Photogenic

How many of us turn away from the mirror, or from a snapshot, thinking, “That’s not me.” Actually, we’re right. Due to the human brain’s neurological processes, the only face our human mind is incapable of seeing is our own. And yet, it’s important that we do see ourselves as we truly are.

This book contains unique information to help you understand how these processes work and who you are.

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 Why People Say “I’m Not Photogenic…”

  • They are used to the reflection in the mirror
  • The lateralization of the face changes
  • They don’t know that when seen through a mirror, the body appears to be much smaller than it actually is. This explains “the camera puts 10 pounds on me.”
  • They have a defensive, yet unconscious, idea of how other people see them.
  • They have a different image of themselves in their mind’s eye.
  • Someone told them, or they are convinced that they are not very attractive. They don’t know what to look for in themselves.

A Brief Overview

Brain Anatomy

The brain’s physical and biochemical machinery are in perfect synchronicity and are able to coordinate all of the functions needed to operate the body.

Navigate through the knowledge and effort that is hidden among the pages of “You are photogenic”. A journey through the human brain that will reveal many questions that we are not able to answer.


Your brain does not fully acknowledge your own image. Much of what comprises the image a person sees is perception.

Have you ever heard the expression “The brain cannot see you”? It is not a random statement as many people could think; we can see everything in the world except our body image. Explore more about it in the book.

The reason why is that the brain, not our eyes, forms images. That is way we often hear the phrase “mental image”, meaning a memory or an eidetic image. Understanding the physical structure of the visual system is paramount.

The Physics of the Eyes and the Camera

Discover how our eyes work and explore the similarity with the physics of the camera. Understanding what is behind this process is the only way to comprehend why the image you could see in a mirror is not your true self.




Discover more about visual identity and the power of seeing yourself. Photo-Image is not a simple portrait of yourself being more or less beautiful; it is your body and life in front of you that you can no longer ignore. By understanding the secrets of Photo-Image, you will be able to discover your true self and indeed to realize the uniqueness of your body.



Steve Mclere

-Nexus Magazine

“You Are Photogenic” by Pina Di Cola is a must read for photographers who want to learn the secrets of intimate portraying, and whoever is interested in self help through self image… Di Cola theorizes the connection between the brain’s two hemispheres with our facial expressions; the process of “Lateralization” helps show clearly this concept graphically (answering the questions: what’s the best side of face? what can we understand of our brains functions through this process?) The book is full of pictures, images, graphics, mixing scientific language and notions with a more casual recollection of the author’s – a well known celebrity photographer – experiences in portraying – and developing


-Kirnuk Book

“Debunking the myth that some are just born “photogenic,” author and professional photographer Di Cola investigates the nature of beauty and the empowering concept of the “photo-image.” With decades of experience photographing stars from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Mariska Hargitay, Di Cola has seen her fair share of good-looking mugs. She explains that the best way to photograph anyone isn’t about a particular angle or set of lights; rather, it’s about revealing the beauty within that person. However, she argues that no one can accurately see themselves unless they invest in understanding and procuring a “photo-image,” which is essentially Di Cola’s version of an unfiltered, honest portrait that is neither refracted nor altered… Without name-dropping, Di Cola weaves anecdotes from her life as a photographer with her personal and professional insights.”


“It may be the age of the selfie, but Italian photographer Pina Di Cola encourages readers to go deeper into self-knowledge through a cross between mirror vision and a photograph—a technique she dubs Photo-Image. In “You Are Photogenic” —a meticulous nonfiction debut that creatively blends art, anatomy, philosophy, and psychology—Di Cola questions how we know what we look like and posits ways to change self-perception through an understanding of emotions and facial expressions…. a fascinating concept, as well as an engaging read.

Mary Jane

-National Book

Pina Di Cola’s “You Are Photogenic” is a very insightful look at how photography works in its relation to people’s self awareness… It’s extremely well researched, and provides historical perspectives… Di Cola introduces the concepts of “Lateralization” and “Photo-Image” as photo-graphical devices to a better understanding of ourselves (a photo analytical sort of therapy?), and she does so using a very entertaining anecdotal style in narrating her dealings with certain clients (some famous – yet never mentioned by name – it’s a game of “guess who?” that adds to the pleasure of the reading.”