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According to science, beauty lies in symmetry. A beautiful face is a symmetrical face, that is, the proportions between the left and right sides of our face, and the distance between the eyes, nose, lips is a standard of beauty set by nature.

But most important our brain’s two hemispheres affect our emotional facial expressions. The great majority of us are asymmetrical, the left side of our face is not the same as the right side.

Did You Know That…

The relation between the two brain’s hemispheres and the two sides of our face is inverted: the right hemisphere affects the left side of our face, the left hemisphere the right side.

By understanding which side of your mind is the lead, a photographer can determine the subject’s desired expression.

And What is More Surprising…

Facial laterality also affects the person’s point of view, confidence, and beauty.

Lateralization, or laterality, is a useful tool for you to understand your appearance and increase your self image, and it will tell us what your best side is. Lateralization means being more aware of your symmetrical or asymmetrical features, and therefore an expression of your emotions.


Queen Nefertiti

The World’s Most Beautiful Face with Realistic Facial Proportions.


Celebrity Lateralizations

Of Course they are mostly symmetrical…science says this is what makes them more attractive!

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