“Why, despite all our mirrors, do we never really know what we look like, and consequently cannot picture ourselves in imagination, as we can everyone else we know?” -Arthur Schopenhauer


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Photo-Image as a Concept

  • Photo-Image is the missing link that united mind functions and self-concept with the visual self. It is your body, life, and soul placed in front of you. It is the reality of who you look like, to yourself.


  • Photo-Image enables a person to be photographed to the best of his/her ability and to show the true essence and beauty of ourselves. When you see your Photo-Image you’ll understand what your needs are, what is right for you. It helps you realize your uniqueness, allowing you to change those big, or even little, things that you are not happy with.


  • A Photo-Image unleashes the motivation for you to do the right thing for yourself, it guides you in the direction of personal fulfillment, and it can dramatically assist in areas where you desire changes as in self-doubt, weight loss, procrastination, or other areas of personal growth. It will create for you an overwhelming feeling of assurance that you can accomplish anything in life. If you want to lose weight, you will. If you want to change your job and make more money, you will.


  • Photo-Image define the desires, abilities, and skills that most reflect who you are, not who you “should” be or who someone tells you to be. Empower yourself by giving your brain direction with a defined goal that you set for yourself. Define yourself, who you want to be, as honestly as possible. Your Photo-Image will do the rest.

By showing that you’re in tune with your identity and reminding you that you have a presence in time and space, you are renewed with a sense of purpose. Once we can see ourselves through this visual vantage point, we gain the missing link to knowing ourselves, by literally seeing ourselves. Without knowing what your visual self looks like, you will never be complete. It’s a major change to have your Photo-Image in front of you because we have something in front of us. In this case, it’s your image. You have no option but to respect that person because it’s you. Seeing your photo-image will give you strength and direction through self-knowledge. It is the only link for your brain to see yourself.

Pina Di Cola has developed this unique and empowering breakthrough process as a way for people to become more in touch with themselves. A person’s photo-image is created through an innovative and efficient session with Pina Di Cola that incorporates groundbreaking techniques to understand one’s self-image. The process involves values, beliefs, and desires that define your identity.

Contact her today if you are interested in obtaining your own personal photo-image! Or submit a picture of your face for lateralization analysis to better understand your facial symmetry and always put your best face forward!


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Photography and Image

Our eyes and a camera are the only two mechanisms that can create images.

An image can only be produced by our eyes or a functioning photo or video camera. The eyes produce images in the brain. The brain is the command center and in the case of drawings, paintings, sculpture, or other forms of expression, it tells the hand to reproduce what the brain sees through the eyes to create representations of an object.

Photography is truly an extension of the human eye and is a great and necessary aid to the human visual-mental process.

Photography is exciting because it is a reproduction of what is seen in reality. It is the application of your subjective views of reality in front of you. It is a form of expressing yourself much like creative writing, poetry, music, or other creative endeavors. It’s important to share in a creative way what is on our minds, whether it’s a mental picture, emotions, beliefs, or memories.

Photography captures our emotions in image form.

We can think of the analogy that the photo is to the object as the image is to representation. This is called Photo-Image

Photography is the reality of how you look, but it can also be the reality of how you want to look. If you want to look like a star, a photographer can make you a star; if you want to look younger or older, we can do that too. It’s like a movie role you can transform into whatever role you want to play. Make-up artists and stylists can do amazing things: all you should do is ask. Usually we take photograph for family photos, ceremony, business, party, and even if we have been take photo in a photo studio are also for a specific reason. But you never take pictures of yourself only and exclusively to find out who you are that reflect not only your beauty, style etc. But as a way of “Know Thyself” involving all aspect of your life and more important to make a strong commitment to yourself to achieve your goal and your dreams.

But it’s not up to the photographer to make you beautiful. It’s what you feel when you step in front of the camera and the response and interaction with the photographer that plays a role in the results.

How Images Are Created


Looking at the Selfie

The Internet has opened a new space for social interaction. We now have countless platforms that we can use to display ourselves to others. Websites, Facebook and You Tube have found great success in allowing us a space where we can share our thoughts, emotions, and desires, but most especially: what we look like. Out of this has emerged the popular culture phenomenon, the ‘selfie.’

A selfie is also a ‘staged’ photo of you. It’s basically a close-up self-portrait, typically taken using a cell phone camera with a wide-angle lens that allows your face to be in focus from the short distance of the length of your arm. When using the front camera, the image seen in the screen prior to taking the picture, is the same as you looking into the mirror. Right and left are reversed. You may like what you see in the little screen and you shoot the picture. Soon after you see your picture different from what you thought should be. But you don’t pay attention of that because you don’t easily see the difference of your face, but your brain does

Thus, we are often disappointed or let down when we see the image, remarking “I look like that?”

Technically speaking, the selfie is a distorted representation of your face. Because of the wide angle used so closely to the face,

it appears we have a longer nose, a larger forehead, and a smaller chin. These are the most pronounced features at the angle of the shot.

It’s when we don’t recognize who we are in the images we have of ourselves that we say: “I’m not photogenic.”

I believe selfies can be used as a means towards self-discovery, when is done properly, it is a way to see yourself and overall, a fun way to connect with friends.


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