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in the age of SOCIAL MEDIA

Now, more than any other time in history, our need to explore how we see ourselves is a crucial issue in our lives. As a result, we are witnessing the explosion of images, selfies, and social media, but our obsession with what we look like has reached a boiling point. It’s time to see ourselves for who we really are.

Image: Look Beyond the Mirror

The desire to know what we look like is so strong that it is impossible to avoid. As you will learn, we are essentially unable to see ourselves, despite staring at the mirror every day. We take selfie after selfie, but only become more confused about what we look like. It is your turn to open your eyes to a new life through the power of your own image.

Self: Become The Person You Are

In the era of Instagram and Facebook, you create a new self online with every post, but in the process only get more confused about who you truly are. Once true knowledge of the self is achieved, you will not care for your number of likes; you will find that the key to all of your dreams is hidden within you, and that you are the master of your own destiny.

Social Media: Take Off Your Masks

When we look at other people’s photos on social media, we subconsciously judge their looks, their expressions, their attitude. It is only natural that we also wonder how others perceive us, and do everything in our power to conform to their expectations. We objectify our image on social media so that others can look at us and praise us.

"Why, despite all our mirrors, do we never really know what we look like, and consequently cannot picture ourselves in imagination, as we can everyone else we know?" - Schopenhauer

The Event

Let go what's holding you back, finally gain clarity of who you really are and get ready to make all your dreams come true.

In this seminar, you will learn to define yourself and who you want to be, as honestly as possible. You will understand your abilities and your fears, your skills and your obstacles… and you will be able to become the REAL you, not the person that you’re told you should be by your follower count.

Get ready to overcome the confusion caused by social media and selfies and unlock the key to your dream life.

  1. Clearly identify the person you wish to be.
  2. Picture the life of your dreams, then live it.
  3. Learn to stop craving approval and admiration.
  4.  Once you ignore all expectations, you will become your true self.
  5. Likes and followers don’t determine your worth, and can destroy your real-life relationships.
  6. You don’t have to be like other people; don’t be scared to separate yourself from the crowd in order to find your essence.
  7. Learn how to use your current situation in your favor. Don’t see it as an obstacle, but as part of the process. Focus on building a better future.
  8. Accept that things take time. When you truly believe in your goals, you will stick to your path until you reach your destination.
  9. There are things in life that we can’t control -- adapt, and keep going.
  10. Don’t try to be anybody else. The best version of yourself lives inside of you - it just needs to be found. Come to the seminar and learn how to unlock it!


February 1st, 2019

430 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Learn from Pina Di Cola

Pina Di Cola is a world-renowned celebrity photographer, life coach, and image consultant. Her 40-year career has allowed her to gain insights into our deepest fears and desires through what she calls the Photo-Image—a form of phototherapy which captures your true image.

Through mirror studies, neurology, and photography, she can show you how to better understand your subconscious mind, and the way it negatively affects your daily life, in ways you are unaware of. Pina believes you are capable of realizing all of your wildest dreams; you only need to understand who you are first. 

The human brain is physically incapable of seeing the body it works so hard to protect. That, according to Pina di Cola, is the biggest obstacle we face today. Once true understanding of the self is achieved, so is the life of your dreams!